Dr. Wendy Jamison, PhD and Todd Jamison, MBA


About FitLiving101

Our journey towards a vibrant, healthy, and financially free life began when we decided that we wanted to create a better life for our children. One in which we were healthy enough to keep up with them. We also had a fair amount of consumer debt which was causing relationship issues around money. So, we worked together to not only get out of debt and lose weight, but to completely revamp the way we live.

We worked as a team to not only lose over 200 pounds (and have kept it off) and become debt free (and have kept that off, too!), but we also completely rejuvenated our relationship with each other and our children.

Now, we enjoy teaching others what we learned along the way, and provide support for others who on their journey towards better health, relationships, and financial freedom!

Dr. Wendy Jamison, PhD

Dr. Wendy Jamison, PhD is a scientist and college professor by day. By night, she’s a mom to her two little girls, a big community volunteer, and girl scout troop leader. She has deep interests in health, wellness, and making baked goods that are normally bad for you much, much healthier. And tastier, too! :)

Todd Jamison, MBA

Todd Jamison, MBA is a former computer nerd and current business professor by day… The rest of the time, he’s a kid shuttler, wellness geek, wannabe chef, and human jungle gym for his daughters. Oh, and he loves personal finance… And BBQ. Tasty, wonderful, delicious, BBQ! :)