Spiral of Hands
The Importance of Community Recently, a friend of mine shared this video on Facebook. It shows a young gymnast, trying his best to complete a vault jump. He fails over and over again. Then something incredible happens… First, view the video. Then, keep reading! I found this video to be an […]

The Importance of Community

When you were a kid, and fell off your bike, what did you do? You got back up, right? Of course you did! Even if you skinned your knees, you got back on the bike. Full of determination and grit, you kept getting back on until you learned how to […]

Getting Back Up…

Healthy "Chipotle" Sofritas
I love eating at Chipotles. I also love eating healthy food with simple ingredients that doesn’t cost a fortune… One of my favorite ingredients at Chipotles is their sofritas. Sofritas are basically crumbled tofu, marinated in a southwestern style sauce, served as a vegetarian / vegan “meat” option. For the most […]

Healthy “Chipotle” Sofritas Recipe