When you were a kid, and fell off your bike, what did you do? You got back up, right? Of course you did! Even if you skinned your knees, you got back on the bike. Full of determination and grit, you kept getting back on until you learned how to […]

Getting Back Up…

This summer I had the opportunity to drive from Omaha back to Chadron all by myself.  I listened to a lot of podcasts along the way.  One podcast that really made sense was one from Chalene Johnson about the “best” workout: I’ve heard this question before.  Of course everyone […]

Shut up and Dance!

Life is a Journey
  Let’s talk about a sensitive topic… Giving up and quitting on your weight loss efforts. At some point, most people are tempted to give up and quit. And unfortunately, most do. Why people quit trying to lose weight They quit for many reasons. Finances, time, relationships, pressures. There are […]

When you feel like giving up… DON’T QUIT!

Convenience… Its a great thing. It just makes everything easier. And, when it comes to health and fitness, it can make reaching your goals simpler and relatively easier. Also, when something is more convenient, you’re more likely to stick with it than if you constantly have to work for it. Let’s […]

Convenience Makes Weight Loss Easier!

Okay, so you’re working like a madman to make healthy eating a priority. Awesome! But, there’s a very good chance that you’re going about it the wrong way… Let me explain… The Standard Approach to Dieting DOESN’T WORK! Here’s the standard approach. You know, the one the media touts on […]