The Importance of Community

The Importance of Community

Spiral of Hands

Recently, a friend of mine shared this video on Facebook. It shows a young gymnast, trying his best to complete a vault jump. He fails over and over again. Then something incredible happens…

First, view the video. Then, keep reading! :)

I found this video to be an almost perfect example just how important a good support system is for long-term success with just about anything in life. For example, losing weight. When Wendy and I started on this journey towards healthy living, we didn’t do it alone. Sure, we had each other to count on, and that’s definitely important, but we also surrounded ourselves with other people who are living a similar lifestyle. To this day, most of us still work together, keeping in touch and supporting each other towards our health and wellness goals.

As most of you know, Wendy and I have a small business where we help others who are struggling with their weight to live a healthier lifestyle. Why do we do this? Well, it’s quite simple. Because an support and accountability system is crucial for creating long-lasting change…

When you are struggling, community can help lift you up.

When you are doing well and other people are struggling, you can lift them up.

When you have a community of people working towards a common goal, you can lift each other up.

Just like in the video, when you are part of a community, if you have a member who is struggling (and who hasn’t at times), you can come together, and give that person the encouragement they need to not only make it through their struggle, but to thrive!

If you want to be part of a community of people who are working together to make lifelong changes for better health, Contact us today. We can help. And when you are struggling, we can help you achieve your goals just like the teammates of the little boy in the video did!


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Todd Jamison, MBA is a former computer nerd and current business professor by day… The rest of the time, he’s a kid shuttler, wellness geek, wannabe chef, and human jungle gym for his daughters. Oh, and he loves personal finance… And BBQ. Tasty, wonderful, delicious, BBQ :)

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